Brian Bachorz Story

Born in the vibrant coal mining town of Windber, PA, Brian Bachorz's musical journey ignited at an early age. Fueled by the beat of his father's drumming with "The Joy Loaders," Brian's passion for performance and creation soared. His accordion skills, cultivated under the mentorship of Iggy Tallyen, added a unique flair, blending heartful melodies with Elvis-worthy dramatics.

From rhythmic roots to rebellious teenage years, Brian's musical evolution took a turn toward the guitar, inspired by '80s hair metal and mentorship from Larry Polash of "Hot Ice." Berklee College of Music beckoned in 1989, where Brian honed his craft and emerged with a degree in Professional Music.

The Southern rock saga unfolded as Brian co-founded "Southern Steel" in the '90s, wielding a four-guitar onslaught of gritty licks. Sharing stages with Molly Hatchet and Humble Pie, their Budweiser Concert Series sponsorship attested to the band's undeniable impact. Fast forward to today, "Southern Steel" still rocks the Windber, PA scene with unwavering strength.

Venturing into the new millennium, Brian lent his expertise to the rock group "Inside Out," contributing to their longevity and live stage shows.  March 2016 marked a milestone as Brian rejoined them for their 25th-anniversary celebration.

In the present, Brian's musical prowess spans solo acoustic covers, "Bar None Band," and the original project "Jerkin The Flat 9." As the creative force behind "Jerkin The Flat 9," Brian's genre-defying compositions showcase a blend of rock, heavy metal, country, southern rock, and ethnic influences. With singles featured on charity CDs, including "Preslee Marie" on "Don't Fret," Brian Bachorz continues to weave a musical tapestry that captivates hearts and defies boundaries.